Penny Arcade Influence

When the webcomic Penny Arcade first started their Child’s Play charity, it was a massive success and now, almost 20 years later, it’s still going strong. Back in 2003, I wanted to congratulate the creators with an homage. One of my friends was active on the PA forums and reposted there, and apparently they were…


I posted this way back in 2004. I’ve updated it with privacy bars, since I have no idea who the people in the picture are (the Internet was a different place back then…sigh).

New web host

My previous web host, RisingNet, was not good. My blog stopped working one day (blank page), with no explanation as to why. Every time I tried to send an email from their SMTP server, it would go into my recipient’s spam folder, so I had to use Google’s SMTP, which caused some confusion but worked,…